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I am so proud to join WWDC 2018 this year. This is my total expense breakdown.
This travel will not document my attempt to get the costs down. I tried to find best prices always.

WWDC 2018 in San Jose:

  • San Jose Airport Inn: $653.22 total with for 4 nights. Booked months ago.
  • Washington, DC → San Jose on Alaska Air: $696.39 round-trip ticket. Direct flight. Booked 2 months ago (Plus $50 baggage fee return trip)
  • WWDC conference ticket: $0. My company handled it. Thank you Vibrent Health.
  • Car rental: $460.73. Because I rented a Dodge Challenger for 1 week. (Plus gas $40)
  • Food and drinks: $86.69 (Dinner costs only)
  • Public Park : $96. I used San Jose Convention Center public park.
  • The Tech Museum of Innovation : $20

If you want to catch up about WWDC 2018, please check my notes.

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Health Research Program’s iOS Developer, currently lives in Washington, D.C

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