Part 1: Installing CocoaPods, third-party libraries and Starting a Project

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Starting a Project

  1. Open Xcode, and select ‘Create a new Xcode project’.
  2. Select Single View Application from the iOS >Application list.
  3. Click Next
  4. Configure your project:
  • Product Name: combat
  • Team: None ( unless you have an Apple Developer Account )
  • Organization Name: Whatever you want
  • Organization Identifier: com.(OrganizationName or YourName)

6. Make sure Swift is selected as the language, and Devices is set to Universal. Also check that you have included Unit Tests and UI Tests. Don’t check CoreData. Click Next.

Select a place to save your project, then hit Create.

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Installing CocoaPods, third-party libraries

$ gem install cocoapods

We’re going to make a Podfile, which is where cocoapods will look each time it updates the project’s pods.

Now navigate to your project and type the following command on terminal.

$ touch Podfile

Hit enter and type the following command

$ atom Podfile

Now copy and paste all code blocks into Podfile and type the following command on terminal

$ pod install

If all goes well, the following handy command will open your project.

$ open combat.xcworkspace


Next Part 2: Installing Theme Manager

That’s it. 😃😃😃 Thanks for reading.

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