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  • Jelena Jovanoski

    Jelena Jovanoski

    On my journey to become a Flutter dev I will be sharing knowledge by writing short texts about what new know-how’s I’ve learned, in the next 30 weeks.

  • Burhanuddin Rashid

    Burhanuddin Rashid

    Google Certified Android Developer #AndroidDev #FlutterDev #flutterio

  • Halil Özel

    Halil Özel

    Mobile Application Developer 👨🏻‍💻

  • Berke Kurnaz

    Berke Kurnaz

    Merhaba. Ben Berke Kurnaz. Burada Teknoloji ve Yazılım Dünyası Hakkında Yazılar Paylaşıyorum.

  • Tim Sneath

    Tim Sneath

    Product Manager for Flutter (a framework for building mobile apps) and Dart (a modern, client-optimized programming language) at Google.

  • Theresa Cross

    Theresa Cross

    photographer//writer//SpaceFlight Insider

  • Rinni Swift

    Rinni Swift

    iOS engineer at PayPal and I write stories — Join me on my journey. 📍San Francisco, CA

  • OA Başaran

    OA Başaran

    Dart & Flutter

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